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RoRo Shipments

At American Shipping International, we strive to deliver the best experience when it comes to RoRo shipping, or finding the best moving companies that can clear your shipment at its destination.

Industry experience and customer feedback have allowed us to streamline the process ensuring superb service with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our professional workforce, industry experts, cutting edge concepts and shipping coverage ensures that you’ll receive a premium service.
Our experts across ports will provide their guidance on taxation, packaging, customs clearance, insurance and more. We have made RoRo shipping easier than ever with fair pricing and a wide range of services to suit individual needs; be it shipping cars, household goods, boats, yachts, motorbikes shipping, heavy equipment, oversized cargos.


Container Shipments

ASI’s ocean freight forwarding services cover the entire freight transportation process by sea.

Our full container load service offers departures to and from Sallaum and Grimaldi ports such as New York, Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville and Houston. We also provide less than container load services which are considered to be the most flexible, and least expensive way to ship smaller and less time-sensitive cargoes.
We can help load your containers at our warehouses with utmost professionalism and care. As a rule of thumb, our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements before deciding on the right container.


Breakbulk Shipments

While containers may be one of the convenient ways to ship cargoes, they are not always the best option. That’s where breakbulk shipping comes into play. Items that are oversized, overweight and are too large to fit into containers are considered breakbulk, and must be loaded individually.

Examples of breakbulk cargo include wind turbines, oil and gas machinery, pipes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines and steel parts.
Overcome the obstacles of shipping such cargos by contacting us.


Project Cargo

Considered as one of the most complex shipments in shipping, project cargo includes large, heavy, high value or complex parts of equipment. The term “project cargo” comes from the need to devise a detailed and well-thought plan that takes into consideration time, delivery date, budget and safety requirements.

There are several industries that rely on project cargo such as:
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Military


General Cargo

General cargo does not require extra precautions or special handling during air transport. It can either be:

  • Loose or separate cargo: considered as a single product and can directly be allocated to the most suitable space on the airplane.
  • Palletised cargo: that is a group of goods shipped together and packed on a pallet or container.
These types of shipments belong to:
  • Retail and most consumer goods
  • Electronicd snf gadgets
  • Dry goods
  • Hardware
  • Textiles
  • Household goods
  • Office equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Clothes
Basically, when we talk about general cargo, think about your everyday objects


Special Cargo

As the name may hint at, special cargo are goods that require special handling due to their nature and/or value. They may have to follow a specific criteria during their transport such as packaging, labeling, documentation and handling.

Special shipments can either be:
  • In gauge cargo: goods that can be shipped in a standard 6-wall container, flat-rack or open-top container.
  • Out of gauge cargo: oversized goods that can’t be shipped in a flat rack or open-top container since they exceed them by length, width or height..
Items that fall into the special cargo category include:
  • Dangerous goods
  • Animals
  • Perishable cargo
  • Wet cargo
  • Time and temperature sensitive products such as medical kits
Basically, when we talk about general cargo, think about your everyday objects

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